Revenue Reimagined

Our web developers and designers will craft custom, performance marketing sites for all the products and services of your campaign. These direct-response microsites are designed to elevate your customers’ experience, loyalty, and increase front-end and back-end conversions, while simultaneously opening up additional merchant processing opportunities for your business. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Expand Merchant Processing Capacity

One of the largest roadblocks for your ever-growing business is maintaining adequate merchant processing capacity to align your surging marketing efforts and increasing sales. Zoom’s direct-response microsites eliminate the need to throttle your marketing and sales efforts due to processing capacity constraints. Avoid the risk of holds, freezes, terminations, and caps that come with your current configurations.

Increase Customer Retention and Acquire More Customers

Customize your uniquely branded and fully functional online products and services to increase customer retention and their loyalty with performance-based marketing sites. These landing pages are crafted to focus on conversions and retain your existing customers, while attracting new customers.

99.9% Uptime SLA

Zoom stands behind its 99.9% uptime SLAs. Powered by AWS and Google Cloud, and the intricacies of the INFOCU5 Cloud infrastructure, you can rest easy knowing your sites are built, maintained, and powered by the best of the best. To boot, Pingdom keeps a constant watchful eye, monitoring your site’s uptime and ensuring that every end-user is guaranteed a seamless, uninterrupted experience during their navigation.

Guaranteed, Dependable Metrics

Real-time data and metrics are funneled directly into your dashboard – powered by Resolution. Clear, concise, and trustworthy metrics are viewable in the Resolution web based application and easily exported into an Excel doc to become a major player in your business’ forecasts.

Responsive Web Design

The designs of your business’ microsites are created to perform seamlessly on your customers’ mobile devices and tablets, so that performance is never inhibited or constrained to a desktop experience.

Dynamic A/B Testing

Testing what works (and what doesn’t) is everything to your business’ success. Our developers are keen on ensuring the performance of your sites are top-notch. Test different prices, different designs — different anything really. Analyze what performs best in real-time.

Experience better performance, greater quality, and more transparency throughout your customer’s life cycle while increasing average order value every step of the way.

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