Revenue Injection

Private label pre-built membership sites to elevate your customer experience with membership programs specifically designed for your consumer marketplaces. Increase your front-end conversions with Zoom’s custom direct response micro sites. Build out your product line with Zoom’s full ecommerce sites customized to your customer demographic. Experience industry leading click-to-acquisition rates.

Increase customer retention

Body By Type is designed to boost value for your customers. The online nutrition and fitness membership program is tailor made for your customer and customized to their individual needs and preferences. White Label and customize the your uniquely branded and fully functional online membership product.

Get More Customers

With Body By Type’s unique training program, simply select your geographic location, explain the type of service you provide, let us know how many new customer inquiries you want and we will take care of the rest. Body By Type’s lead generation platform will provide you with targeted real time leads that fit your preferences delivered on a silver platter.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Deliver a better employee experience with Body By Type’s white labeled custom nutrition and fitness program. Improve the health and well being of your employees with a complimentary program that is customized to each individual. Use Body By Type to improve the attendance, happiness, and overall health of your employees thus improving your customer experience!

Gyms & Health Care Facilities

Increase your member base and enhance your current membership experience by offering customized meal and exercise programs with Body By Type’s white labeled platform. Create complimentary offers for new enrollment promotions, add revenue to your new signup process or build value adds to your existing members. Bring the virtual personal trainer to your facility or use in tandem with your existing staff.

Personal Trainers, Nutritionists & Dietitians

With Body By Type’s turnkey white-labeled platform you can market your business online with payment processing, customer management tools and lead generation opportunities to drive in more clients in your targeted areas. Build an online presence, increase your customer base and add the tools and features of Body By Type to your existing business.

The Fad Product

Turn your popular, short term, low margin fad product into a viable turnkey, full nutrition and fitness program. Increase the overall value of your program for your customers, protect your merchant accounts and invest in retention building solutions all possible with Body By Type.

Experience better performance, greater quality, and more transparency throughout your customer’s life cycle while increasing average order value every step of the way.

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