Why Landing Pages Must be Part of Your Marketing Plan

by | Oct 10, 2019 | Direct-Response Marketing | 0 comments

Landing pages or microsites are a performance marketing tool nearly every business is using in their online marketing efforts. The majority of consumers are engaging with landing pages every day when perusing Facebook or Instagram. You see an ad for a product or service, you click it, you end up on a landing page that is pushing a specific offer, product, or service. Is your business utilizing microsites?

Here’s why microsites are a key tool for driving conversions and engagement with your products and services.

Capturing leads and gathering data for future retargeting campaigns
Landing pages are not solely built for the end result of a sale. They serve a multitude of purposes, and perhaps the most important is the data and lead collection that is gathered simply from users engaging with the site. Your page will provide information on the user demographics in order to better retarget and craft future marketing campaigns to close the deal.

Connect users to your other marketing channels
Let’s say you and your team have spent countless hours whittling away at your social media profiles and nothing would give you more pleasure than to see your audience engaging with your profiles more. Landing pages are an easy place to promote those profiles or entice users to join a newsletter mailing list.

Push a specific offer, remove all the white noise, and compel users to make a choice
Look, a butterfly! Distractions on the internet are everywhere and more powerful than ever. This is yet another reason why there is so much to love in the way of landing pages. You see, a landing page forces users to either purchase the single product or service being offered or to bounce off the page. Cutting out the white noise found on a webpage requires customers to make a clear choice to purchase or to altogether leave the page.

A/B test to optimize for future campaigns
Dialing in a landing page means testing and testing again. There is no hard and fast way on how your page should look or flow. Changing up the overall aesthetics of the page can lend itself to better performance and higher conversions. A/B testing gives the unique opportunity to see what works, what doesn’t, and how you can easily improve the engagement and interaction on your landing page.