Up Close with Eric Swenson

by | Feb 26, 2020 | Up Close with INFOCU5 Staff | 0 comments

If INFOCU5 were a brain, Eric Swenson would be the cerebral cortex. He is the creator, the maintainer, and the man behind the curtain of the software that powers INFOCU5. Of the entire software suite, it is Resolution that is the foundation of them all.

Resolution is a complete online sales and support solution for vendors, marketers, and resellers,” Eric said from his home in Carmel. He divides his time between there and Gainesville, Florida.  “It provides multi-level management tools and dashboards for administrative users to managers to sales and support staff. Integrating a host of non-native platforms into one central, easy-to-use location, Resolution enables customers to build, maintain, and grow campaigns whether they’re product sales, customer support, marketing, or everything in between.”

Vice President of Software Development and Co-founder of INFOCU5. He grew up in Pasadena and is a self-proclaimed child of the 70s and 80s. “It was a magical time,” he recalls of his childhood. “It seemed like anything was possible. It’s hard to describe to someone who didn’t come of age then. I went to arcades a lot when I was a kid. I became a video game addict ,and I started tinkering with PCs when I was 12.”

In college, Eric immersed himself in theater, acting in several plays. It was only after college that he got into web development.

It was the wild west of the internet,” he recalls. “There was no syllabus. You learned the basics and when it came to putting the knowledge to work, people were flying by the seat of their pants. To be a part of this brand new thing that no one had ever done before was exciting. Changes were happening so fast. Amazing things would be spit out and something new would quickly take its place.”

Eric had a front row seat to the development of Flash animation. “I interned at Macro Media — a company that developed software called Director,” he said. “Flash was born out of that. I just fell in love with the multimedia industry, which evolved into a love of the Internet.”

Eric also had a front row seat to the Internet crash that took place in 2000 and 2001, as he was living in the Bay Area, ground zero for tech companies.  Eric then relocated to Burbank. It was there that he first met INFOCU5 co-founder James Coles.

Eric bounced around for a few years. He lived in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and then settled in Florida. During this period, Eric and James collaborated on different projects. The two came up with the Body By Type website, a site that helped users determine their body type, recommended exercise plans, generated menus and other nutritional and fitness options. The two licensed the software to other companies as a value add for their products and services.

Eric and James met INFOCU5 CEO and Founder Jake Bush in 2014. The three worked on several different direct-to-consumer projects prior to developing the omnichannel software platform now called Resolution. 

The three decided they wanted to incorporate a virtual call center into the platform as well.

“We found our affiliates couldn’t maintain agent quality. We wanted to have as much control as possible over the call center side of the business.” Eric said. “The primary problem was the difficulty people had in dealing with their own agents. There were HR issues, fraud issues, and quality assurance issues. So we decided to keep it in house and it became the Connect product of the INFOCU5 platform.

Over the last six years, Resolution has evolved at a rapid pace. Eric says it bears very little resemblance to the software they began developing in 2014.

“We are positioned to really put the polish on Resolution and turn it into the piece of software we envisioned in the beginning,” Eric said. “We have the best game in town.”

To win at this game, one must have a well developed cerebral cortex. Eric has INFOCU5 covered.