Understanding the Customer Experience

by | Jun 19, 2020 | Improving Customer Service and Success

The holy grail of any company’s service efforts is achieving positive experiences for its customers. Every single one of us can probably recall the time we had a remarkably terrible experience with a brand that we thought we liked. It lingers in your memory bank, and no matter what you do, the idea of giving {insert said business name} a second chance feels like a non-negotiable. Plus, you’ve probably already thrown them straight under the bus to all of your friends and family. That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the impacts of negative customer experiences. 

Also living in your brain are those really positive experiences that you’ve received from a brand. The interesting thing about creating a positive customer experience is that it’s usually not until something goes array that a brand gets the opportunity to show off itself and make things right. It’s in that moment that makes or breaks a customer’s perception of your brand, so handling it with grace, compassion, and understanding is key. The best marketing strategy a company can have is ensuring each experience a customer receives with its brand is positive, because the implications are massive, and best of all, cost absolutely nothing. 



Think of the customer experience as a perception, an impression. It’s layered, because it relates to both the product itself and its performance, in addition to the actual care a customer receives when it comes to service and communication. Does the product do what it is supposed to do? Is it performing the way it was advertised to perform? 


Truthfully, the performance aspect of a product is the easy part, right? If your brand can stand behind its product with confidence, then half the battle is already won. The funny thing about the second half of the equation is far more finicky, considering the bulk of it rests in the hands of the customer service team. 


Curating positive customer experiences means investing in your front line employees in the ways of proper training, providing them with a clear understanding and knowledge of the product, setting standards and expectations around customer support, taking advantage of teachable moments, and also making sure you have the manpower to support the demand of your customers.


  • Training your support team 
  • Understanding and knowledge of the product
  • Set standards and expectations around customer support
  • Take advantage of teachable moments 
  • Maintaining the capacities 




Good training is widely known to be the first and foremost protocol for ensuring your support team is connecting with your customers in the best way. Like never before, the worldwide web holds the key to how customers are choosing to interface and communicate all of the good, the bad, and the ugly, and as such, each inquiry and issue must be handled with delicacy. 


Because social media, live chat, SMS, and email are all fair game for communication, service representatives must be well-versed in how to properly respond and handle customer issues in the virtual world. This means scripts must be fine-tuned and response times must be quick, efficient, and solution-oriented. 




Despite all of the training you supply your support teams on how to communicate with customers, ensuring that agents truly understand the ins and outs of your product is the other piece of the customer experience and service puzzle. At INFOCU5, we strive to keep a stock of all products that we service so that agents can come in, touch the product, and whenever possible, take the product home to use it. Knowledge is power! 




According to Forrester, 66% of adults believe that it’s valuing their time that is the biggest part of curating a positive customer experience. That means keeping hold times as low as possible and answering online messages as quickly and efficiently as possible is of the utmost importance for a brand. Furthermore, making that customer feel truly appreciated is the number one way to keep them in your wheelhouse. 


It’s crucial to set clear standards and expectations around the level of service you want your customers to receive, and it’s equally critical that you ensure your support team members have the necessary tools to make it happen. 




Despite the best efforts of your customer service team, there are going to be moments when the ball gets dropped, and that’s okay, as long as it turns into a teachable, learning experience. Some customer issues simply will inevitably come out of the left field and can not be planned or scripted; however, the opportunity for learning and development is born from those situations. Being able to identify areas for improvement from teachable moments is key to empowering your support teams even further. 



Lastly, is your brand able to handle the traffic coming through the floodgates? If your internal customer support team is solving customer issues in seven minutes or less, there is bound to be overflow from time to time. So, how is overflow being handled? At INFOCU5, our singular, web-based applications provide an access point to a treasure trove of on-demand, highly trained customer service agents who are chomping at the bit to help with your capacities. It’s so useful, because your overflow customer demand isn’t falling to the wayside, and as a business, you’re not hiring an exorbitant amount of staff. 


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