The Importance of Social Media for Your Business

by | Sep 11, 2020 | Direct-Response Marketing

With more than three billion people around the world using social media every month, it’s no passing trend. Social media should be an essential part of your business marketing strategy, because it allows you to connect with your customers, increase brand awareness and boost your leads and sales. Let’s not forget, in its raw form, SOCIAL MEDIA IS FREE.

If you’re a small business, social media may actually be more beneficial to you than to large businesses. Why? Social media’s effectiveness comes down to engagement. To be successful on these platforms you need to post often and remember that good content is constant!


Engaging Your Audience


For a start, you need to engage with your audience, follow other accounts similar to you, comment on, and like posts. If you pride yourself on customer service, a great way to prove that is by your social media interaction. Fostering relationships with your customers can be easy and effective when properly engaging on social media. According to Asset Digital Communications, “The likelihood that a consumer will recommend a brand on social media to others is about 71 percent. 71 percent of small-to-mid-sized businesses use social media to market themselves, and of those who do so, 52 percent post at least daily.”


Content marketing is more important than ever


A handful of great articles, strategically shared over social media platforms, inform and add value. They help build trust and move actions along, but they do not drive them in a down-your-throat way, which is something that today’s ad-leery customer appreciates and will interact with. Whether you’re trying to reach consumers or you’re a B2B, you’ll find great outcomes with social media. 65 percent of B2B Buyers rely on recommendations and review sites, according to a Weidert Group B2B buyer behavior study. Once they “legitimize” your company in their mind by checking out your social, Google reviews, and your website, they’re more likely to become a customer. How does it look when the only online reference to your company is your website and an obvious PR article? A couple of results in the search engine don’t inspire too much confidence.


Let’s talk about advertising


You can spend $0 and still update your followers on promotions, sales, new products, or even just industry-related information. Use the stories feature on Instagram to share a how-to video of a new product, take a poll of whether people like the blue or pink sweater better or even make it more personal with a “meet the team” campaign.

If you are willing to spend a little cash, you can pinpoint your ads with all kinds of demographic filters (age, income, interests, location). Asset Digital Communications notes that “social media is where your audience is, and what’s more, it’s where they want to learn more about you. And your competition already knows it, that’s why marketers spent over $89 billion on social media advertising and marketing in 2019.”



Social media is also a great way to track competitors


Competitors are going to tell their potential and current customer base what they are doing before they tell their competitors. In fact, they’re never going to tell their competitors in a friendly Facebook message about an exciting new product, promotion, or service that is meant to compete with other businesses. It is a business’s responsibility to track like companies and see what works, what doesn’t, and what new trend or product is getting traction.

With social media, you get to create the experience for your customer. You can be as high touchpoint as you’d like, providing the customer service that you promise to give on your website and through the buying experience. It’s a way to answer questions from your audience as well as ask them. The limits are endless if you really take on the social media world.


Hands-on help with social media marketing


The social media world can be daunting, but it’s not impossible! INFOCU5 understands that businesses aren’t always keen to take a deep-dive into the inner workings of social media marketing, so its solution is to offer the service to its customers. Their campaign managers bring white-glove, hands-on attention that explores the way a customer is running their social media marketing campaigns and how improvements can be made to optimize the platforms and take social media presences to the next level. The ultimate goal of INFOCU5’s professional services is to produce high-performing campaigns that produce conversions and streamline operations.