Staying Connected to Your Work from Home

by | Mar 16, 2020 | Working From Home

Work from home tips can provide major benefits in these unprecedented times. Disney has closed all of its theme parks, schools have been cancelled, major concerts and festivals across the world are being postponed, and professional sports are no longer playing in fan-filled stadiums. The world as a collective is shaken in the wake of the COVID-19 “coronavirus” pandemic. The hysteria surrounding the spreading virus has created a level of anxiety, distress and ensuing preparation that many of us have never witnessed in our lives. 

These closures are forcing employers to allow their employees to work remotely, presenting a new set of challenges for which to adapt. Here at INFOCU5, having the flexibility to work from our homes is more of a luxury today than ever, but for those who soon-to-be adjusting to this new way — staying connected to your work in this new (and often distracting) environment can be difficult. Use our own company tested work from home tips to step up your game.


Here are our helpful work from home tips! Learn how to stay focused on your work and connected to your team in a new virtual setting:


1. Create a routine and live by it

Rise and shine as if you were planning to go to the office, because you are. Your office just looks more homey. Avoid being sidetracked by all the normal to-dos you would occupy yourself with at home. That means all the laundry, cleaning, and organizing of the house must wait until the work day is done.


2. Utilize Slack and all of its plug-ins 

If your company isn’t already using Slack, now is the time. Slack is a platform utilized by most remote businesses and is designed to replace email in your company. The platform keeps all of your communications in one place with all of the teamwork happening in real-time channels. The collaboration that a team normally gets in an office environment can happen in Slack.


3. Move your body 

Slowly back away from your computer from time to time. I repeat, slowly back away from your computer. In the same way you would take a break from your office for a breath of fresh air, coffee with a friend, or even a quick lunch break run, you must do the same at home.


4. Nourish your body 

The pantry in your home is not always chock full of the nutrient dense food you have on hand in your lunchbox. Part of a healthy, work-from-home routine consists of putting good food in your body. Before ever sitting at your desk to work, have your meals for the day planned out and ready to go.


5. Video Conference with your team

Virtual collaboration has never been more advanced and available then it is now. Uphold your regularly scheduled meetings in the virtual setting via Slack, Zoom, Google Hangouts or The interaction with your teammates will help fill the void of working solo and keep projects and tasks moving in the right direction. The checks and balances are necessary. The face to face interaction is a bonus.