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Our 5 Software Solutions

The INFOCU5 suite of web-based software applications is designed to deliver your business with a complete, cloud-based contact center solution, manage third-party integrations, supply on-demand support for overflow capacities, and create performance marketing initiatives that all work together to streamline workflows and increase the lifetime value of every single customer.

Our exclusive, on-demand marketplace of customer service and sales support professionals equipped and ready to handle all of your overflow customer capacities from anywhere, at any time — when you need it most.
Keep all of your third-party integrations and homegrown solutions in one, easy-to-navigate dashboard. The omnichannel platform brings visibility to real-time performance data and metrics to identify trends so your team can confidently prepare, forecast, and scale.
Cloud-based contact center software built for responding and interacting with your customers via phone, email, live chat, social media, and SMS. Manage and scale all of your customer support and sales initiatives from anywhere, at any time, plus tap into our Connect Marketplace of on-demand customer support and sales agents for all of your overflow capacity needs.
Capture your audience and drive them to conversions with customized landing pages proven to optimize your performance marketing initiatives. The direct-response microsites are designed to increase your front-end conversions and build lasting, loyal relationships with your customers.
Exposure connects you with the individual marketers equipped to successfully publish your products and services to drive customer acquisitions. The costs associated with this performance-marketing approach is CPA, CPC or CPL — you pay for exactly what you receive, no hidden fees involved.