INFOCU5 Resolution

Order Entry Intelligence

Data Monetization

Data Centralization

Lead Distribution

Omnichannel Dashboard

Real-time reporting on everything you’re doing
• Revenue
• Call Data
• Campaign Performance
• Team Management

All of Your Integrations in One Place

Bring them all into the same fold
• Merchant processors
• Communication software
• Phone solutions

Manage Your Entire Team and Overflow Support

Customize access for your internal and overflow teams
• Customer service agents
• Sales teams
• Supervisors
• Overflow support

Build Maintain, and Grow Your Campaigns

Create your own campaigns, collect complete data on the performance, and scale your support.

Manage Your Zoom Landing Page

Oversee the inner workings of your custom INFOCU5 microsite – including remarketing efforts.

Access to the Connect Marketplace

Tailor your sales and support teams to flex with your campaign’s performance.

One Platform for Every Aspect of Your Workflow

Manage all of your day-to-day operations in one place at one time.