Advanced Carrier-grade Voice Network

Tap into the most advanced carrier-grade voice network, supporting some of the biggest contact centers in the world. Built for the demands of the contact center industry, INFOCU5′ signal product delivers a one-of-a kind infrastructure that not only gives you contact center control at your finger tips, but also turn key access to the Connect marketplace of talented customer service and sales agents.

The combination of signal, Connect and the NobelBiz global telecom backbone, INFOCU5 delivers a second to none platform that is unrivaled in the contact center service and technology industry.

A Carrier-Grade Network

The INFOCU5 signal product is powered by our strategic partners at NobelBiz. They are a facilities-based carrier with purpose-built infrastructure designed to support the high-volume traffic profile of the enterprise contact center. With nearly two decades of experience as a strategic partner to the contact center industry, NobelBiz is a trusted partner of INFOCU5′ and provides the power behind our signal product offering.

Web-Based Administrator

Purchase, manage, and retire DID and Toll-Free numbers through our online application. Access toll-free and local numbers on demand to launch inbound programs. With an incredibly talented and experienced customer success team, along with a web-based administrator to securely manage call origination needs from anywhere at any time. Purchasing and managing DID/Toll-Free Numbers, port numbers from existing carriers with ease or route calls to PSTN phone numbers and SIP destinations. Create and manage trunk groups, set priority and ratio routing, all within a sophisticated IVR routing scripting designer.

Enterprise-Level Technology

As an exclusive provider of telecom services to enterprise contact centers, our service offering is tailored to support both the outbound predictive dialing applications that generate high call volumes, as well as massive inbound campaigns that may require load-balancing and complex routing to distribute calls across many centers through PSTN phone numbers and/or SIP destinations. Set capacity, failure and overflow rules.

Experience better performance, greater quality, and more transparency throughout your customer’s life cycle while increasing average order value every step of the way.

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