Shifting Business to the Remote World During COVID-19

by | Mar 30, 2020 | Software as a Service

Waking up to find a world forced into that of the virtual feels a little bizarre to say the least. The COVID-19 situation has quickly morphed into a global pandemic, mandating the population to move indoors until further notice, including the majority of small businesses across the globe. Shifting business remote during COVID-19 is now a must, as businesses create a mass exodus from the brick and mortar style of operations.

Here at INFOCU5, we can’t help but feel like everyone just arrived to join the party we’ve been attending since 2014. Our entire infrastructure was created to support a hybrid workplace – allowing our customers, employees and our Connect Marketplace the ability to use our software to work remotely, yet we fully understand that making the transition from brick and mortar to the remote working world is daunting. Businesses who have always prided themselves in opening their doors to real-life foot traffic have had to close them, possibly lay off their beloved staffs and are now questioning the fate of their futures, with both small and enterprise businesses across the world scrambling to successfully pivot to a remote working environment. 

How does it look to shift your business to the remote world during the COVID pandemic?

There are some obvious housekeeping tasks that must occur, but here at INFOCU5, this is what we do. We guide your business through the transition process step-by-step, making the shift from strictly brick-and-mortar, to hybrid, or 100% remote using our cloud based software. I promise you it is far less intimidating than you think. Imagine all of your day-to-day operations and workflow – from customer support, sales and marketing, data and real-time metrics being in one place. Here is how you can shift your business to the the remote work environment during this COVID-19 crisis. 


If you’re looking for a solution that enables you to keep doing business remotely from home, here’s how our SaaS infrastructure works: 


Choose a package plan


There’s a plan to fit any size business. 


  • Training Camp – Just want to dip your toe in? This is where you’d start to familiarize yourself with our products. You receive access to our software platform, add users (like additional staff) for $50 each/month, and you would be self-guiding and taking full advantage of all our available 3rd party integrations. If you needed assistance, you could enlist our professional services for an added hourly fee. 
  • Professional – This package plan includes a dedicated Customer Success Manager, lower price point for added users ($36/mo), a dedicated lead customer service agent, plus lower service rates for using our Connect Marketplace.
  • Enterprise – Our Enterprise plan gives you white glove onboarding assistance, additional discounts for both services and software, and our lowest per-user pricing ($30/mo). 


Make Resolution work for you and your staff


Our omni channel cloud based call center platform designed to keep all of your operations in one place.


  • Centralize your workplace for your team members.
  • Rely on INFOCU5 Resolution software for real-time metrics and data.
  • Doing business remotely due to Covid-19 means transitioning you and your staff to operate in a virtual setting. Resolution’s Tutorials are there for your team every step of the way – empowering  your team to use Resolution to its fullest capacity.


Build out your product or service campaigns  


Take advantage of available CRM integrations and plug-ins to create an impressively seamless workflow.


  • Create and build out your Campaigns and Scripting. 
  • Create and build out your Products.
  • Empower your Sales team to place orders directly into Resolution – providing a central virtual location for your entire team. 


Use Zoom to engage your audience


Customized landing pages and microsites to drive traffic to your products and services using Zoom


  • Connect your existing landing pages to Resolution or enlist our web design team to create them for you. 
  • Focus on offer-specific direct-response Zoom pages crafted to drive conversions.


Tap into our Connect Marketplace of customer support and sales agents and marketing affiliates 


The gig economy of the virtual call center industry. Doing business remotely has never been so easy.


  • The Connect Marketplace is our unique offering of on-demand, remote customer support and sales agents. Once your campaigns and scripts are built out, we will train our agents to become experts in your products or services. This way, when your internal team is unable to handle the volume, our marketplace can take the overflow. You only pay them for the time they spend servicing your customers. 
  • Marketing affiliates are also available via our Connect Marketplace. Select affiliates who are already connected to your audience to drive traffic to your customized Zoom landing pages. The result? Conversions.


Stay calibrated with your Customer Success Manager 


The relationship between your business and the performance of your campaigns and our software and services is bridged by customer success teams. 


  • Your dedicated Customer Success Manager is driven by and an advocate for your KPIs. 
  • Customer Success shows you how to leverage SaaS to improve the performance of your campaign while simultaneously boosting the customer experience with products such as custom IVRs to improve your end users overall experience. 


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