Contact Center Software Can Provide Killer Customer Benefits

by | Mar 12, 2020 | Software as a Service | 0 comments

The relationship between a business and the performance of its direct-to-consumer campaigns is bridged by customer success teams. Circa late 1990’s, when CRMs and contact center software first came onto the scene, they didn’t actually go over that well. In fact, businesses were experiencing such high failure rates that CRM company Vantive rolled out a brand new department and dubbed it “Customer Success.”

Fast-forward to the here and now, and you will be hard pressed to find a SaaS company not assigning a Customer Success Manager to everyone using its products. On the surface, this role seems fairly self-explanatory — create an environment for a customer to experience the most success and value in using a contact center SaaS platform. However, when we connected with INFOCU5 VP of Customer Success, Bethany Kellett, she illuminated the purpose and benefits of customer success in a clearer way. 

INFOCU5 is a SaaS company that has created an omnichannel platform for direct-to-consumer businesses to manage every single piece of its daily workflow and opens up an access point for a unique, on-demand marketplace of customer support and sales agents as well as a marketing professionals through it’s Connect platform. Kellett explained that the mission of her team is to: 

Drive home the proven value of our software and services, aligning our goals with the goals of our customers to make sure both are met and exceeded. We want to create and remain in a proactive state of mind and working environment in which we’re effectively driving sustainable growth for all of our customers through leveraging our contact center software, Connect Marketplace of agents and making recommendations based on industry knowledge, marketplace trends, benchmark data, and KPIs.

These are the benefits of customer success in using a SaaS contact center software platform: 


1. Drive your KPIs

Key performance indicators are (or should be) the ultimate driving force behind every decision made in business. A Customer Success Manager is an advocate for your KPIs, using them as the guiding light when using a SaaS platform. 


2. Improve the customer experience 

The experience a customer has with a respective business is directly linked to how that business manages its daily workflow. When KPIs are being achieved and SaaS is being properly utilized, the customer experience is affected in a positive way. 


3. Bring a level of visibility to all of the data 

Where there is data, there is knowledge, and where there is knowledge, there is power. A customer success manager is experienced in bringing visibility to the data and identifying where a campaign is trending. They are skilled in identifying obstacles before they become major issues. 


4. Learn how to leverage the SaaS 

Software as a Service is designed to create efficiency while driving KPIs. A customer success manager has the ability to show you how to properly leverage the SaaS to improve the performance of a campaign, boost a customer’s experience with custom IVRs, and improve the end users overall experience. 


5. Stay calibrated

Your customer success manager is your person. Your go-to point of contact. They are invested in the success and performance of your campaign as much as you are. Calibration calls and check-ins are critical to your success. These calibrations are purposeful in keeping a clear view on how your campaign is performing and where you hope to see it go. They are your advocate.