Pay for On-Demand Customer Support for Your Small Business

by | Feb 18, 2020 | On-Demand Customer Support | 0 comments

The quintessential customer service agent is a believer in your brand and its vision, an expert in your product or service, compassionate and empathetic to your customer and willing to go the extra mile to create a unique and enjoyable experience. This is an agent equally committed to saving the sale and ultimately increasing the lifetime value of each and every customer that comes through your business’ virtual front door. 

Over 64 percent of Americans sought out customer service in 2017. This means that no matter which way you slice it, customer service and support is an essential part of doing business that simply cannot be avoided or neglected. Yet, somehow, someway, building your business’ support team to properly respond and meet the demand of your ever growing customer base has proven in so many cases to be a major barrier to success and growth. 

According to Glassdoor, the average cost of one single, solitary customer service employee is $28,000. This may seem like a drop in the bucket, but for a flourishing business, the cost is compounding. We’ve all heard of business growing pains, right? I’m referring to that particular time of doing business when you don’t quite have the resources to expand nor can you afford to not. The ebbs and flows associated with customer support turn into a balancing act of having either too much staff or never enough. 

This is where the gig-economy comes into play. Gone are the days when your hand is forced to hire full-time 9-5ers to staff your phone, email, chat or SMS support. Instead, customer service professionals are equipped to provide full support when the demand comes rolling in. Allow me to explain.

In a perfect world, your business could tap into a marketplace of customer support agents who are (for lack of better words) “on-demand.” This team of well-trained, brand-conscious, on-demand employees are virtually-connected and are ready and able to step in. When your customers come knocking, this virtual team answers with impeccable service, then retreats. You would pay for the time these individuals service your customers, and that would be it. 

I bring to you the good news that this gig-based customer support marketplace exists and is forever expanding. The virtual world, via software, has found your idyllic customer support team, and they are ready and waiting for you. As your business grows, your support team flexes and scales with it. 

The INFOCU5 Connect Marketplace has curated the access point for direct-to-consumer businesses to tap into on-demand customer support. To learn more about how your business can flex and grow when the time is right, PARTNER WITH US.