Make Customer Service the Driving Force of your Business

by | Dec 28, 2018 | Improving Customer Service and Success | 0 comments

Customer service is the epicenter of your business’ success. Consider all of the hard work that goes into capturing each individual customer — it’s a wildly expensive endeavor. According to Bain & Co., the cost associated with acquiring a new customer roughly costs six to seven times more than loving up on the ones you already have. Additionally, product development and marketing spend require a deep-dig into company pockets. So, once new customers are acquired, what level of service do they receive?

Why do consumers leave?

Consumers are more conscious than ever about how they choose to spend their resources and hard-earned dollars. Whether a purchase decision is made based on a need, want, or its environmental impact, one common denominator holds true — feeling a lack of appreciation is the primary reason customers give businesses the middle finger and jump ship.

Expense vs. reward

The perplexing piece to the customer service conundrum is the associated overhead. It’s expensive to maintain an in-house service department. Just to scratch the surface, business owners are looking at supplying benefits on top of a salary. So, what about outsourcing to a contact center? Opting for this route is usually far less expensive, but the quality assurance is a total coin toss, especially when your customers’ calls are being routed to Timbuktu and beyond.

Is it possible to strike a balance between the contact center price tag while simultaneously gaining the feel of an in-house support team? In short, yes. That’s exactly what businesses receive with INFOCU5 Connect — the freedom to select the agents working on your organization’s campaigns, write your own scripts, and customize your service team by selecting agents that you feel best represent the image of your brand. Plus, instead of paying agents per hour, you only pay for the actual talk time agents spend supporting your customers. To boot, every agent is based right in the United States. In a nutshell, your organization has full control without bleeding money for an in-house team. Eureka!