INFOCU5 Connect HUBs — Not Your Grandma’s Call Centers

by | Mar 2, 2019 | On-Demand Customer Support | 0 comments

When INFOCU5 set out to grab a chunk of the call center market share in 2014 — a global industry inching its way towards being worth an estimated $407 billion by 2022 — they wanted to approach the industry differently. Really, really differently. Instead of converting an old, abandoned Kmart into a call center, the software as a service company chose to rethink the way call centers operate.

In today’s gig economy of Lyft and Uber drivers, Bellhops movers, and Grubhub deliverers, it’s clear that people are particularly drawn to setting their own schedule and enjoying the flexibility that comes with it. INFOCU5 has successfully nailed the gig of all gigs by creating the Connect HUB customer service agents. Here’s how it works:

1. Candidates apply via the INFOCU5 website.
2. Applicants are automatically invited to attend a one-hour orientation at a Connect HUB, designed to delve into the ins and outs of the customer service and sales agent positions. The only prerequisite is that applicants provide their own laptop.
3. At orientation, applicants complete a computer literacy test and interact with the HUB trainer.
4. If the applicant passes the test and seems like the right fit, they are invited to attend training.
The two-week training consist of a few days of learning the INFOCU5 Resolution platform, followed by hands-on training fielding calls and servicing campaigns.
5. Once the trainee begins servicing calls, they immediately start earning money, even though they are still training.
When training is completed, agents are free to roam and work from anywhere, anytime — as long as a high-speed internet connection is available.

As new direct-to-consumers enlist INFOCU5’ contact center support, agents are invited to train on the new campaigns and start servicing them right away. Besides having complete flexibility to work from anywhere, agents who are more keen to work from an office have full access to Connect HUBs — currently located in Pasadena and Denver. INFOCU5 is stoked to continue expanding HUB locations and availabilities around the country! Best of all, businesses are provided a support team based entirely in the USA, ensuring customers are never sent to an offshore call center.

These aren’t your Grandma’s call centers.