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The INFOCU5 cloud is the driving force behind all of our software offerings and it allows your to access CONNECT, RESOLUTION, ZOOM and EXPOSURE from anywhere at any time. It also allows us to optimize your customer experience and ensure that you are getting the most from this amazing suite of products.

Introducing the best of the best products and services with the most talented individuals for contact center services with direct communication, visibility and overall transparency. Multichannel access to direct-to-consumer products and services with a bridge to sales, customer Service and quality assurance services.

Your product and/or service is all about data, and your business’ ability to connect and leverage it in a way that moves the relevant needle for you. Introduce Resolution intelligence to your direct-to-consumer business, connect all of your 3rd party or homegrown solutions into a dashboard that enables you to make real-time decisions about how to allocate your company’s resources and forecast essential metrics.

Private label pre-built membership sites to elevate your customer experience with membership programs specifically designed for your consumer marketplaces. Increase your front-end conversions with Zoom’s custom direct response micro sites. Build out your product line with Zoom’s full ecommerce sites customized to your customer demographic. Experience industry leading click-to-acquisition rates.

Don’t let your COGS bring your business down before it has a chance to thrive. Work with the exposure team to develop your product, further develop an existing product or simply reduce the overall cost of goods with your current product. Ensure the manufacturing-to-fulfillment-to-end user experience is hitting your required data points and benchmarks. Introduce the right exposure to your direct-to-consumer product.