Improving the Customer Experience with Custom IVR

by | Oct 20, 2020 | Improving Customer Service and Success

We all interact with IVRs regularly. If you call your bank to chat with a service agent or you “press 2” to reach the deli at your local grocery store, you’re using IVR technology. They started to make appearances early 1970s, but they were too pricey and the tech wasn’t accessible to everyone. By the time call center technology was being realized as a legitimate, scalable customer service solution in the 1980s, IVRs had their zeitgeist moment. By the 1990s, it was a household name. 

What is an IVR? 

Its formal name is an Interactive Voice Response, and it works by the use of the touch tones of a customer’s phone to navigate through a menu that ultimately routes a customer to the best-suited service agent or answers their question without ever involving human intervention. 

The foundation on which IVRs are built is DTMF. It’s a fancy acronym for the tones associated with each number in the keypad of a phone, but it actually means Dual Tone Multi Frequency This technology has evolved from touch tones to voice recognition and now AI.

Scaling your service and support teams

IVRs are necessary for scaling your service and support teams to meet the increasing demand of your growing customer base. From a practical perspective, IVRs get your customers to the best solution in the most efficient way possible, a route that is directly linked with meaningful customer experiences. However,; when done well, the customer experience can be enhanced even further by a good IVR. 

Custom IVRs are a gamechanger

IVRs are more than a means to an end, and they are not all created equally.  Think of them as an opportunity to shed some light on your company’s personality and brand. In other words, IVRs do not have to be boring. They can be both practical and engaging. While many IVR platforms give business owners some wiggle room for customization, there’s typically not a ton of flexibility in how much a business can church them up. 

One company creatively approaching IVRs is Colorado tech company INFOCU5. They create custom IVRs that are branded and tailor-made to improve the customer experience straight from their recording studio in Denver. By working with local Colorado artists and using their own Telco call routing technology, they are giving businesses an opportunity to create memorable moments for their customers, while efficiently connecting them with the best-suited person to assist with their requests. 


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