How to Setup a Virtual Call Center For Your Business

by | Feb 21, 2020 | Software as a Service | 0 comments

Traditional call centers may as well be gone with the wind. Do they still exist? Yes, but the internet age has created a hotbed for all things virtual — and the shape of traditional call centers is shifting. The virtuality of it all means that phones are now answered via the internet, along with chat, SMS and email support. It’s been real, landlines. 

By and large, the daily functions of your business’ workflow can now all be accomplished via omni channel platforms and software as a service, where you can not only house all of your integrations, but you can utilize the seemingly never ending treasure trove of customer and sales support professionals. The setup for virtual call centers is relatively straightforward. 

In keeping with the goal of simplifying and streamlining your day-to-day operations.  Using a SaaS company like INFOCU5 streamlines the process. Here’s how to setup a virtual call center for your business: 

  1. Connect all of your integrations into the software platform: The initial set up requires that you plug your preferred CRM, in addition to any other third-party integrations your business is using for its daily operations, into the software’s omnichannel platform. No matter if you are using Konnektive, LimeLight, Sopify, Paypal, ZenDesk, or other plug-ins, keeping all in one singular place will boost your productivity. 
  2. Build out your campaigns and scripts: Creating a campaign and adding scripts for your virtual customer support agents to use is uncomplicated. For example, INFOCU5’ Resolution software has step-by-step tutorials for every part of its onboarding process and provides the means to troubleshoot any uncertainty that may arise. 
  3. Train a team of agents to service your campaigns: Once you’ve completed the setup, all that is left from the housekeeping side of your virtual call center is selecting and training a team of agents to service your campaigns. Virtual agents are able to tap into training sessions from anywhere, allowing for updates and additions to be taught quickly and efficiently.  

Once you have completed the setup of your virtual call center, scaling the operation is easy. Add in your more of your own support agents or tap into the INFOCU5 Connect Marketplace that is chock full of sales, marketing and customer service professionals to hop in when the demand starts to increase.