How to Outsource Your Customer Service on a Budget

by | Apr 30, 2020 | On-Demand Customer Support

If your business is experiencing unexpected growth or if it is happening exactly the way you planned (wow, kudos!), there’s still some growing pains associated with spreading your wings. First and foremost, how are you balancing customer service as demand increases? The needs and satisfaction of your customers should be a guiding light in the decision-makings of your business, yet when it comes to keeping them happy, outsourcing your customer service efforts could make you feel uneasy especially when you are trying to outsource your customer service on a budget.

Fact: You can keep your customers just as happy while alleviating some of the costs associated with outsourcing CX and sales support.

What is outsourcing?

Maybe you’ve heard of customer service outsourcing also called a customer service BPO. It stands for business process outsourcer. Outsourcing is the method used to enlist a third-party service provider to assist your business in its processes like customer service, sales, marketing — the list goes on and on. The beauty of the BPO approach is that your business never has to compromise its brand integrity, culture or customer experience when deciding to call in a third-party provider. The key: select the right one for your business.

Customer service outsourcing looks different these days

In the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have been required to take their business out of the confines of a brick and mortar facade and move them to those of the inner workings of the internet. The constant evolution of commerce is happening before our eyes and at times, warped speed.

What we know for sure

  • Your customers still need service.
  • Your business can evolve with the times.
  • You must pivot and approach business with a fresh perspective.
  • You CAN outsource your customer service on a budget.

Where did outsourcing come from

In the late 1980s, early 1990s, businesses started to prefer outsourcing customer service over keeping it all in house. This method of doing business allowed for the reallocation of their resources and focus on core competencies and best practices that in turn sped up the processes associated with getting products and services to market more quickly.

Technology and outsourcing

Outsourcing customer service back in the 90s looks a lot different than it does today. Technology has evolved and improved exponentially, lending itself to more streamlined approaches to BPOs. The variety of services is practically unending, but there still remains a method to the madness, and choosing to outsource your customer service with the right third-party can often make or break your brand and your budget. Before you dive in head first, there’s a couple of questions you’ll want to answer.

Do you want to keep your customer service onshore or offshore?

Which shore are we talking about? Onshore refers to domestic, and in this case, the United States. Offshore outsourcing refers to anything outside of the United States. There are pros and cons to both types of outsourcing.

Offshore outsourcing typically translates to lower labor costs, but the overall quality and communication should remain high. The other side of the token, international outsourcing can get a little bit complicated with the vast difference in time zones, which can make resolving issues more long-winded and tedious. From the customer perspective, language barriers can prove to be aggravating. While many offshore customer service agents can speak English, it is not usually their first language.

Onshore outsourcing is lucrative because while you may spend a little more on the customer service, you often receive a bit more. Your CX team remains in close proximity and time zones are less problematic, making problem-solving and resolutions more efficient and effective. Language barriers are far less problematic, which can be directly linked with a better customer experience.

Do you want to use a marketplace of customer support, have specific agents or both?

Have you ever heard of an on-demand customer service and sales marketplace? At INFOCU5, we embrace the hybrid, and keeping that in mind, we offer a couple different avenues for customer support. Our flexible plans allow you to outsource your customer service on a budget that fits your needs.

Our Connect Marketplace gives businesses the unique option of tapping into customer service professionals solely when the need arises. Agents in our marketplace are trained to become experts in our customers’ campaigns, and in turn provide premier customer service when volume calls for it. But what if your business already has a trusted customer support team?  Our marketplace is designed to mesh with your existing team, taking on any overflow that they don’t have the bandwidth to handle.

How much can you afford to pay?

The good news is that you can afford to outsource your customer service, and you’ll be glad to learn that it’s likely less expensive than you imagined. Here at INFOCU5, we’ve re-imagined outsourcing to be flexible enough that our customers’ ever-evolving needs are met including budget restraints. Our Training Camp program is the best way to get your feet wet, and it’s free, and who doesn’t like free?

Training Camp gives you the freedom to explore our software as a service platform, test the marketplace and pinpoint exactly what it is that your business needs when it comes to customer service outsourcing. Once you identify how our solutions can benefit you, our Professional and Enterprise plans provide a clear path to additional savings for your growth plan, and the added white glove care from our Customer Success and onboarding team.

Learn more about our Free Training Camp plan here. Setup your free account or contact us to schedule a free demo.