How to Completely Virtualize Your Business on the Fly

by | Mar 18, 2020 | Software as a Service

Managing the crises associated with COVID-19 means finding new ways to make business happen in a virtual setting. The United States is facing the harsh reality of wide-sweeping restrictions in an effort to offset the spread of the virus. Major retail stores have announced the closing of their doors until further notice, pivoting to a bolstered online sales-based business model. 

As a business owner, all signs are pointing to virtualization in order to remain relevant and active in this rapidly-changing environment. Even though the length of the road ahead is unclear, being nimble and able to flex could save your business. So, how do you completely virtualize your business to offset the impacts you may be experiencing in this uncharted climate? The good news is that you can shift to a remote work environment and be fully virtual and operational in just a few days.

Here is your How-To Guide for Virtualizing Your Business: 


1. Choose a SaaS that works for your business

Your business already has a CRM, but choosing a Software as a Service platform is the first step in virtualizing your business. INFOCU5 offers a unique SaaS contact center software suite to centralize every single part of your day-to-day operation, making doing business in a virtual environment a more seamless transition. No matter what third-party integrations your business is accustomed to using, they can all live on the INFOCU5 omni channel cloud-based platform.


2. Create your campaigns 

Once you adopt a SaaS product that makes sense for your business, you can start building out your campaigns quickly and efficiently with how-to tutorials. This includes adding your CRM and other integrations, adding in your product and service offerings, and creating scripts for your customer service and sales agents to follow. If you run into speed bumps along the way, a designated Customer Success Manager is at the ready to assist you.


3. Enlist on-demand, remote customer service and sales agents 

If you already have a team equipped to handle your customers’ needs, they can hop on the platform and begin servicing them. However, if you need to bolster your team or create an entirely new one, INFOCU5 Connect offers a marketplace full of on-demand, completely remote and virtual customer service and sales agents prepared to become an expert in your campaigns. They will learn the ins and outs of your scripts, CRMs, and product/service offerings in just a few hours time.


4. Flex and scale with the market demand 

As more and more Americans move to delivery-based buying during the COVID-19 pandemic, the market demand of your offerings will also grow. If that demand outgrows your internal team, the Connect Marketplace is crafted to service that overflow traffic that otherwise would be missed. You only pay for the time those virtual customer service agents spend assisting your customers via phone, email, SMS and chat support.


5. Bend but don’t break 

Being malleable during trying times is what will make or break you. Adaptation is key to keeping your business afloat when the doors are forced closed. So, when making the switch from a brick and mortar storefront to a remote and completely virtual business-model, appoint Saas. You may bend, but you’re far less likely to break.