How Customer Service and SaaS Work Together

by | Oct 13, 2020 | Improving Customer Service and Success, Software as a Service

How Customer Service and SaaS work together

Providing good customer service goes hand-in-hand with being a successful business. But as a company grows, how does it maintain service levels and quality? The best and most timely customer service is typically powered by software as a service (SaaS)

Most customer-facing departments are pulled in many directions. They are tasked with customer support, sales, marketing and likely growth initiatives. When a team is stretched too thinly, tasks can easily slip through the cracks, leaving customers dissatisfied.

What = Good Customer Service?

The best customer service comes from utilizing cloud-based software to provide timely and accurate service. This includes services like order fulfillment, answering customer questions, documenting all business transactions and conversations, routing and tracking orders and the capability to resolve and report on customer complaints by a structured and tracked ticket system.

In short, good customer service is determined by the satisfaction of your customer. This can be measured very easily in returned business and order fulfillment. If you aren’t receiving complaints or are resolving the issues on the first email or phone call, your return customer rate will grow exponentially.

What are SaaS Companies?

SaaS stands for “software as a service.” Some of the most familiar SaaS companies that come to mind are Google, Microsoft and Adobe. Each of these companies offer their customer or audience a service through a software, with a number of cloud-based solutions to create bundles. Companies use these solutions to conduct their business, process orders, analyze and report sales and revenue, in addition to many other tasks necessary to their business.

Google, for instance, is one of the largest SaaS companies in the world. According to Tyton Media,

“Google is more than just a search engine. G Suite is a collection of tools developed by Google. G Suite includes Gmail for email service, Docs for document creation, Drive for cloud storage, Calendar for time-management and more. Anyone with a Google account can use these services for free. However, more than 4 million businesses are paying for additional features that include unlimited cloud storage and 24/7 phone support. Google’s G Suite has earnings of more than $1 billion per quarter.”

Why is Customer Service Associated with SaaS?

“Today, companies of all types have customer success programs. But customer success is rooted in SaaS,” according to SaaS companies are able to stand apart when it comes to customer service because they have access to deep insights of how the product is being used, when and where an issue arises and how to timely address these matters for customer satisfaction.

SaaS companies are as successful as their users are in utilizing the software. By and large, pricing for SaaS products are subscription-based, which means delivering on quality and enabling companies with the tools they need to be well-equipped to handle customer issues and requests is a top priority.

SaaS companies require customer success and satisfaction to make a profit because they’re mostly subscription based, not a one time sale. In turn, these companies are ideally well-equipped to handle your customers and their needs as their own business model requires that kind of hands on attention and hopefully retention.

Infocu5 and Customer Service

INFOCU5 is a SaaS company that offers software solutions and an on-demand customer support marketplace to enhance your existing support teams and streamline your communications to create the best customer experiences. INFOCU5 does this with the suite of 5 cloud-based software solutions: Resolution, Signal, Zoom, Connect and Exposure.

Resolution is an omnichannel dashboard that brings you real-time reporting on all things related to customer engagement. This includes revenue, call data, campaign performance and team management. It also brings all of your third-party integrations into one place, like your CRM, merchant processor, communication platforms and phone solutions. Resolution is the place to build, maintain, and grow your campaigns, while simultaneously collecting complete data on the performance, and scale your support.

Signal is your cloud-based, enterprise level omnichannel telecommunications solution that brings together your phone, email, live chat, SMS and social media support into one place. The software creates inbound and outbound solutions for your internal and on-demand support teams.

Zoom drives your audience to conversions via customized performance marketing landing pages designed to boost your sales by reaching a greater targeted audience. Additionally, you can tap into the Exposure marketplace of on-demand marketing affiliates who are equipped to drive traffic to your Zoom site.

Connect is the exclusive, on-demand customer service and sales support marketplace ready to handle all of your overflow traffic whenever you need. Think of the Connect agents as an extension of your existing customer service team ready to jump in and flex with your business needs. Maximize your performance marketing campaigns with Exposure’s marketplace of publishers and marketing affiliates. You pay for the traffic they drive to conversions.

You maximize your sales and grow even more with access to Exposure. Exposure is your business’ product or service campaign set to bloom through the performance-based marketing that Exposure supplies. Through our network of publishers and affiliates, you pay for the guarantee that your campaign will reach its target audience and drive what’s most important, conversions and loyal customers.

INFOCU5’s SaaS allows your business truly scale your customer service and grow your business’ profit, customer retention and communications. Learn how it works with a complimentary demo.