Find a Good Call Center for Your Brand

by | Jun 1, 2020 | On-Demand Customer Support

Finding a good call center for your brand to outsource your customer service and sales support while minding your brand can pose challenges for businesses, particularly when dollar signs start flashing. The motivation behind using a third party to handle your inbound and outbound traffic is layered but the baseline purpose of hiring a call center is typically to save money on overhead as you scale. However, it should never come at the cost of your brand and its integrity.

There is usually skepticism that “no one will ever be able to connect to your customers and represent your brand the way you and your core team of employees do.” The good news is that brand-conscious call centers do exist and can absolutely step in to properly assist your business; but you’ll need to be selective in order to find the right call center for your brand specifically.

Your company’s brand didn’t just fall from the clear blue sky. Instead, you built it from the ground up. You took an idea and brought it to fruition, you invested a boatload of resources — time, energy, money — to craft a brand that people recognize and believe in. You’ve hired a staff that you believe in to carry the vision and integrity of it. Needless to say, you’re extremely connected to it, and you’d hate to throw any of it away to save a few dollars. We feel you.

At INFOCU5, we understand business, we understand brand, and we understand the instinctual devotion to protect them both. In fact, the integrity of our brand and business lies largely in our ability to supply your customers with the same level of care and service that your own team would bestow. But how do you know when you’re choosing a good call center for your brand? A call center that prioritizes your business’ goals while simultaneously being conscious of your bottom line?

Customer success and your brand

The relationship between your contact center and the performance of your business’ direct-to-consumer campaigns is bridged by your Customer Success manager. Our Customer Success team is deeply invested in both your business’ success and your brand. With our white glove onboarding, your campaigns will be built out with your CS manager by your side, providing recommendations for creating IVRs and scripts that reflect your brand’s tone and philosophies, monitoring quality assurance, and driving your KPIs.

Call center agents can be thoroughly trained and have the best intentions for your customers, however, ensuring that your brand’s messaging, tone, and protocols are clear is key to empowering those agents to carry the torch that creates the experience your customers expect and deserve. This white glove approach to onboarding has proven time and again to be the most effective and successful means of keeping your business’ brand safe, its KPIs at the forefront and importantly, increasing the lifetime value of your customers.

VP of Customer Success, Bethany Kellett, weighs in:
Our Customer Success team is here to be an advocate for you and your business. We’re here to ensure that you are not only leveraging the software and tools available to you, but we are also committed to achieving and exceeding your business goals. Customer Success takes a proactive approach to driving sustained growth for your business while making recommendations based on industry knowledge, marketplace trends, benchmark data, and KPIs. We are invested in your success and are committed to being your trusted and reliable partner.

How do you stay connected to your customers?

While many customers still prefer to speak with someone directly over the phone, live chat and email correspondence has simplified customer service and enhanced the customer experience by a longshot. INFOCU5’s Signal product provides businesses with an omnichannel platform where every mode of communication can live, coexist and operate. Signal’s user interface provides a streamlined dashboard for your third-party integrations — a place where phone calls, live chats from your website, email and even SMS communications all take place, removing the need to toggle from screen to screen.

Additionally, all of the agents servicing your campaigns receive quality assurance scores that influence their priority on your campaign. If they are performing in the top tier, they’ll be the first to receive calls and other correspondence from your customers. When agents are not performing at the level of service INFOCU5 and your business has set as the standard, they’ll drop in priority or be removed altogether.

Do you have an internal team that you’d like to keep?

Enlisting a great call center for your brand does not require you to forgo your core team of in-house service agents. Instead, those agents can work in tandem with your call center agents. Often, surges in call volume and customer service increases enough that your internal team is simply unable to meet the demand. The INFOCU5 Connect Marketplace is a collection of on-demand service and sales agents who are highly-trained and capable of stepping in and assisting with the overflow volume.

On the other hand, you may not have an internal team to service your customers. In that case, you’d be employing the call center’s services for all of your customer-centric needs. Our marketplace would become experts in the ins and outs of your brand and its products and services in order to be the go-to resource for all of your customers’ needs.

How much are you willing to pay to find a good call center for your brand?

Dipping your toe into the contact center world is a nice way to test the waters and see if it works for you, your customers and your brand. At INFOCU5, our entry-level package “Training Camp” was designed to explore the features of our software for free. If you see the value in it, then moving into a Professional or Enterprise package is the most cost-effective way to proceed.

All of your business’ third-party integrations can live inside of our cloud-based, omnichannel platform called Resolution, where you gain access to:

  • Daily reporting, real-time call and sales data, and campaign performance
    Lead distribution and order entry intelligence
  • Signal: our communications solution for all of your phone, email SMS, live chat, and social media conversations with your customers
  • Connect: our on-demand marketplace of customer service and sales agents