INFOCU5 Exposure
Your business’ product or service campaign is set to bloom through the performance-based marketing that Exposure supplies. Through our network of publishers and affiliates, you pay for the guarantee that your campaign will reach its target audience and drive what’s most important — conversions and loyal customers.
Brand Safety

Protecting your brand is our top priority. Through Exposure, your campaign is mindfully placed in the hands of publishers who are willing to guarantee your brand is never compromised.

Real-time Metrics and Analytics

The way we see it, the proof is in the pudding. Through Resolution, you’ll be able to keep a watchful eye on your campaign’s real-time metrics and analytics to see how those numbers coincide with our publishers good work.

Premiere Partnerships

Relationships are everything to us and the partnerships we build with our publishers are priceless. You can trust that the individuals publishing your products and services are aligned with your goals — igniting lasting customer relationships and building quality audiences.


You pay for exactly what you acquire. Through our Cost Per Acquisition structure, you only pay for production of a true transacted sale, scheduled appointment, or other measurable metric used to gauge the successful performance of a new customer being acquired.

Quality Traffic and Volume

We’ve done the legwork. Our continuously growing portfolio of affiliates connects your campaign with the publishers who will guarantee increased customer lifetime values and the quality traffic that is proven to drive conversions.