Create a Better Customer Experience with these 4 Easy Tips

by | Mar 19, 2020 | Improving Customer Service and Success

Anyone and everyone who has worked on the front lines of the service industry has encountered a disgruntled customer or three. Your bright and sunny disposition was met with the made-up mind of a dissatisfied customer’s desire for retribution — or in many cases, a refund. Despite all that you do to absolve the issue, you can’t seem to find a way to create a better customer experience in that moment.

The stakes are high when it comes to curating and maintaining a proper customer experience. The jarring truth of it all is that 51 percent of customers have confessed to saying “buh-bye” and finding a new company to patronize altogether after just one negative experience. Note: customers aren’t out there growing on trees. It costs a lot to acquire a single customer, and it runs a business anywhere from five to 25 times the amount it takes to keep the one you have. Holding on to the ones you have and keeping them happy is priority one. 

So, how do you make a better customer experience and keep your people pleased? Use these 4 easy tips to your daily workflow to improve your customers’ experiences: 

1. Make sure your customer is heard 

Despite how minor you perceive an issue to be, your customer’s perception is likely different. They have spent their time and hard earned resources to choose and purchase your product. If their experience is less than great, hold space for them to vent it out before offering a solution to fix it. 

2. Value your customer’s time

Your customer’s time is of the utmost importance and must be valued. Once you are interfacing with them, follow your business’ protocols to provide efficient and effective service to resolve their issue. 

3. Understand the product 

For the love of all things sacred and good, know the product. Understand the product. Sometimes, your valued customer remaining loyal lies solely in the understanding you have for the product. A simple troubleshooting can save the sale and keep you in the good graces with your customer.

4. Enlist empathy and kindness

Understanding and sharing in the feelings of your customer is essential to the experience they have with your business. Expressing empathy and kindness communicates to your customer that despite what has happened, you care.