Access to our marketplace of high-end contact center customer support and sales agents is made possible via our Connect product. Businesses have the freedom to select the individual agents servicing their campaigns, ensuring that the voice always remains on-brand. Transparency, visibility, and quality are consistent and assured.

Highly-Trained Agents
Each agent on the Connect platform must undergo and complete our two-week training course in order to prepare them for excellent, empathetic, and high-end customer service and sales support. Upon completion of training, agents are required to renew their certifications, ensuring they remain up to date on all product changes, additions, enhancements, and campaign goals.

Total Transparency and Power
You have the power, through Resolution, to immediately listen to every single service and sales calls on your campaigns. While we perform quality assurance on our end, we also provide you with a completely transparent opportunity to explore every facet of your customer support. You hold the power to pull agents from your campaign and add new ones as you see fit.

Real-Time Data
Resolution — the epicenter of INFOCU5’ software solutions — is ignited by our certified Connect agents. In-the-moment data and analytics of your business’ performance and profitability are made possible through the constant updates and inputs of our team.

In-House Feel Without the In-House Cost
Our scalable call center solutions provide your business with in-house customer support without the in-house overhead. You pay for exactly what you receive — talk times. We handle the rest.

Create Your Own Scripts
The message your customers hear is a pivotal player in their overall experience with your products and services. Create the script and verbiage you want your Connect agents to deliver. Make tweaks and changes as you choose.

Customize Your Team
Listen to real agent-customer calls and elect the agents that will seamlessly blend into your brand’s campaign, voice, and overall message. Assembling a specific team of agents to service your customers has never been more streamlined.

Partner With Us

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Experience better performance, greater quality, and more transparency throughout your customer’s life cycle while increasing average order value every step of the way.

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