What We Do

We created a suite of software solutions designed to help organizations manage capacities associated with customer service and sales initiatives. Our singular, web-based application enhances a business’ existing customer support teams and performance marketing efforts. The software also provides an access point to a unique marketplace of talented and highly trained on-demand agents available for customer service, sales, and marketing support. INFOCU5 users range from direct online sellers to government service centers.  

Our Story

Telluride, Colorado-native, and our CEO, Jake Bush, along with co-founders Eric Swenson and James Coles created INFOCU5 (“in-focus”) in 2014. Collectively, our organization is full of a bunch of creative, outside-of-the-box thinkers and doers whose work is focused on changing the way businesses handle their customer service, sales, and marketing capacities. Our software suite brings a business’ integrations and workflows into one slick, omnichannel platform, removing the need to toggle back and forth to grab data and keep tabs on your operations. What’s particularly unique about our software is that it opens up a secret passageway to the gig economy of customer service and sales support professionals. Our marketplace of on-demand agents handles overflow capacities or fully-outsourced customer service needs.

As for our operations, we’re proud to be a homegrown Colorado born-and-bred SaaS company headquartered in Telluride, Colorado. Additionally, we have HUBs in Grand Junction and Denver, from where our team can go to work. Our hybrid work environment provides the flexibility to work from home, our HUBs, or wherever your favorite internet connection exists. 

Our Team

Meet all of those creative, outside-of-the-box thinkers and doers we mentioned above.


CEO and Founder

James Coles

Creative Director & Product Development and Co-Founder

Eric Swenson

Vice President of Software Development and Co-Founder

Rosie Stabile

Director of Human Resources

Nevada Drollinger-Smith

Training & Quality Manager

Michael Maguire

Executive Sales Manager

Nick Hazlewood

Connect Contractor Manager 

Trisha Phillips

Marketing and Public Relations Manager 

Jason Donaldson

Digital Marketing Manager