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Our Story

The brainchild of CEO and founder, Jake Bush, INFOCU5 was created to supply direct-to-consumer businesses with marketing and contact center solutions through SaaS. With the help of partners and co-founders Eric Swenson, James Coles, and initial investor Davis Fansler, INFOCU5 (“In-Focus”) was born in 2014.

Headquartered in Bush’s hometown of Telluride, Colorado, the historic box canyon turned world-class ski resort provides the perfect backdrop to root down into the tight-knit community and grow the business. INFOCU5 prides itself in investing into its HUB communities, sponsoring intramural sports like co-ed soccer, darts, ski races, and softball teams.

The five arms of INFOCU5 (hence the clever number 5) empower businesses to thrive in the highly-competitive and ever-growing direct-to-consumer marketplace.

Our mission is simple:
INFOCU5 is here to lead the charge in scalability, making customer acquisition and retention easier, more transparent, and ultimately more successful.

Our Team

We’re very proud of what we have created and we owe it all to our amazing team of extremely motivated and talented individuals.



Jake is our fearless leader and we are all so happy to work with him. Jake has endless visions for INFOCU5 and the next places to bring our SAAS products. Jake grew up in Telluride, Colorado and later moved to Santa Barbara California. It was his time in California that he began to build the foundations for what would later become INFOCU5.

More About Jake
Recently Jake decided that he would like his daughter to grow up in the same town he and his beautiful wife did and moved back to Telluride where INFOCU5 headquarters are now stationed. When Jake is not making one of the most exciting SAAS company come to life he can be found coaching kids ski teams in the winter and participating in Telluride town events or lending a helping had to someone moving down the street. He really is the nicest CEO you will ever meet. If Jake won the lottery he would buy his dream home in Telluride and his other dream home along the Santa Barbara coast, and knowing this guy he would end up giving the rest back to the communities he loves.

James Coles

Creative Director & Product Development

James is a native of Reading, England but transplanted to Ventura California when he was six years old. He is the man behind the design of everything you see here at INFOCU5. He has helped develop and cultivate all of our products and their user feel and experience. He has steered INFOCU5 towards a clean, engaging design and we love it.

More About James
James is lucky enough to live on the coast and takes full advantage of the Pacific Ocean by surfing whenever possible. He also spends time riding mountain and dirt bikes when he’s not hanging out with his amazing and talented wife and their two Beagles. They plan to take a dream surf trip to the Maldives Islands someday. If James won the lottery tomorrow he would buy a McLaren P1 and if I had to guess it would be black and as cool as the products he designs.

Eric Swenson

Vice President of Software Development

The man behind the machine, Eric, is our very talented software developer and co-founder of INFOCU5. The creation and functioning of Resolution as well as many other areas of our site and our software are thanks to this beautiful and talented man. He is another California native growing up in Pasadena. Eric currently lives in Gainesville, Florida and loves to spend his time outdoors.

More About Eric
Eric does get away from the computer from time to time and enjoys hiking and camping as well as hitting the gym a few times a week. When he’s not making some of the slickest SAAS software on the market he’s plotting a dream trip to the Caribbean. If he won the lottery next week he would buy a private island, gotta love, someone, with Bond villain goals!

Bethany Kellett

Vice President of Customer Success

Bethany is one of INFOCU5 newest VPs, she has years of experience in customer success and client services. She is the clients’ ally with getting everything up and running with all of INFOCU5’s product offerings especially Signal.

More About Bethany
When she is not advocating for our clients she is spending time with her three adorable dogs. She is also quite the interior decorator and spends time making the rest of the team envious of her DIY projects and beautiful home. Bethany was raised in the United Kingdom but found her way to North Carolina through her love of travel. One day she is going to take her dream trip to Peru and if she ever won the lottery she would buy a nice plot of land with a view and space for a few horses and of course her three dogs.

Adam Mobarak

Vice President of Operations

A native of the LA area Adam joined INFOCU5 shortly after its founding in 2014. He is a veteran of the client and agent services industries and spends his time ensuring we run as efficiently as possible.

More About Adam
When Adam is not keeping the team humming along you can find Adam at a game. What game? Baseball, football, soccer, hockey, and more! He loves all sports and if he’s not in the stands rooting for the Dodgers you can find him taking the plate on his own local baseball team. When he does take advantage of some vacation time he heads for anywhere with a cold beer, a nice beach, and his beautiful wife. True to his job if Adam won the lottery he would go out for a fancy steak or sushi dinner and keep the rest in savings, always an Operations man!

David Klein

Director of Connect HUB Operations

David is an asset like no other, a native of Santa Barbara, with years of experience in the call center and client services world he brings all of this experience to his role at INFOCU5. As the director of Connect HUB Operations, he is the leader of our Connect product and interacts daily with the wonderful agents that service these products.

More About David
He ensures that people are trained and operating to our high standards. He is a travel junkie and tries to visit a new destination every year recently moving to Portsmouth, Rhode Island. His dream trip is to the Maldives where he can sit on a beach and relax with his wonderful wife. If he won the lottery he would invest in property, a statement we can all relate too.

Marlee Secary

General Manager

What does Marlee do at INFOCU5? Well, she’s got her hands in a bit of everything, she is the go-to woman when there is a problem and prides herself on finding a fast solution. She helps the team stay on track with goals and works closely with the CEO to cultivate new projects and team engagement.

More About Marlee
Marlee is an avid fisher but seems to have run out of luck after her son was born last year. When not at work she can be found enjoying Colorado’s backcountry and working to preserve our public lands. One day she would like to visit Alaska’s Kodia Island and see the truly giant bears. If she won the lottery tomorrow she would buy a large peach farm and house in Palisade, Colorado, and hang out with hippies and grow peaches.

Hannah Cline

Customer Success Manager

Hannah is a recent graduate of University of California Santa Barbara and a valued member of our team. She is the voice of INFOCU5, you can find her voice among our tutorial videos and as a member of the customer success team, she can be heard working away to make the user experience a smooth one.

More About Hannah
When Hannah is not working to ensure each and every customer’s unique needs are met she can be found with her nose in a good book or creating one of her own. She also spends as much time as possible with her rescue pooch exploring California. A native of Napa Valley, she would use her lotto winnings to buy a house there because as we all know, real estate in that magical valley is pricey.

Isaac Balloun


Working hand-in-hand with our Software Development team, Isaac’s background at startups played an integral role in honing his full-stack approach to software engineering. Based in Grand Junction, Colorado, the synergies between his skill set and the vision and mission of INFOCU5 were clear.

More About Isaac
Isaac is responsible for building end-user client sites, developing new features for our B2B products, and contributing to our technological vision.

Trisha Phillips

Content Marketing Manager

Born and raised on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, Trisha found her way to Telluride, Colorado, INFOCU5 Headquarters, in 2009. Her passion is content and the development of it. With a background in destination marketing with a side hustle in copyrighting, an interview with Jake led her to join the INFOCU5 team in 2018.

More About Trisha
On any given day, Trisha is responsible for editing and managing all deliverable content and marketing material. She also dabbles in brand and culture development with her team members here at INFOCU5.

Our Locations

We currently have four training facilities spread across the United States in Pasadena, Denver, Boston, as well as our headquarters in Telluride, Colorado.

Denver, CO

The Denver Connect HUB has moved! We are now located inside of the beautiful Alta Court building. Just blocks from the historic Cheeseman Park and Denver Botanical Gardens that are filled with runners, walkers and activities. We are also nestled amongst restaurants, cafes, breweries and several of Denver's finest theaters. Come down and say Hi!

Telluride, CO

Located in the heart of the San Juan’s, one of the most photographed mountain ranges in the world, our Telluride office is located in historic downtown. Featuring living plant walls, several work stations and the option to use a fitness ball instead of a chair, this office caters to the High Rockies active lifestyle. Hiking and skiing are a 5 minute walk and the local farmers market is also down the street every Friday. World class food options are also located at every corner and the setup of the town encourages walking or biking to work.

Pasadena, CA

This former art gallery turned INFOCU5 Hub is a fantastic space just blocks from Old Town Pasadena. Near several bus stations as well as the Long Beach Freeway. Step out of the office and turn in any direction and you will find top rated eateries and shopping. This unique location is not only beautiful but also boasts various working stations to accommodate everyone.

Bring the next INFOCU5 HUB to your city!

INFOCU5 is looking to open up a new Hub. If you think your city would be a good fit for us, apply now and tell us why!


Discover your audience, acquire more customers, and increase their lifetime values with INFOCU5. Our software application suite is your solution for scaling every facet of your marketing and customer support efforts.

Experience better performance, greater quality, and more transparency throughout your customer’s life cycle while increasing average order value every step of the way.

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