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What We Do

We created a suite of software solutions designed to help organizations manage capacities associated with customer service and sales initiatives. Our singular, web-based application enhances a business’ existing customer support teams and performance marketing efforts. The software also provides an access point to a unique marketplace of talented and highly trained on-demand agents available for customer service, sales, and marketing support. INFOCU5 users range from direct online sellers to government service centers.  

Our Story

Telluride, Colorado-native, and our CEO, Jake Bush, along with co-founders Eric Swenson and James Coles created INFOCU5 (“in-focus”) in 2014. Collectively, our organization is full of a bunch of creative, outside-of-the-box thinkers and doers whose work is focused on changing the way businesses handle their customer service, sales, and marketing capacities. Our software suite brings a business’ integrations and workflows into one slick, omnichannel platform, removing the need to toggle back and forth to grab data and keep tabs on your operations. What’s particularly unique about our software is that it opens up a secret passageway to the gig economy of customer service and sales support professionals. Our marketplace of on-demand agents handles overflow capacities or fully-outsourced customer service needs.

As for our operations, we’re proud to be a homegrown Colorado born-and-bred SaaS company headquartered in Telluride, Colorado. Additionally, we have HUBs in Grand Junction and Denver, from where our team can go to work. Our hybrid work environment provides the flexibility to work from home, our HUBs, or wherever your favorite internet connection exists. 

Our Team

Meet all of those creative, outside-of-the-box thinkers and doers we mentioned above.


CEO and Founder

Jake got his feet wet in the call center industry working as a customer service agent at night while attending university. His first-hand experience in every aspect of the space mixed with his keen eye for innovation and entrepreneurial spirit revealed an opportunity to pave the way for INFOCU5. Along with our co-founders, he has built our SaaS to remove the obstacles that businesses encounter with growth, scalability, and customer acquisition. Jake’s passion for our HUB communities here in Colorado is our guiding light for the way we choose to invest our time and resources to support to them.

James Coles

Creative Director & Product Development and Co-Founder

Like many designers James’ career began in the print shop, but swiftly shifted into the multimedia industry where he has flourished for the last 20+ years. As well as being a founding partner in the company his role here with INFOCU5 is centered around creative web design, graphic design, video, and marketing with a focus on the user interface and experience with our Resolution and Zoom products. James lives in Ventura, CA and enjoys surfing and spending time with his wife and dogs.

Eric Swenson

Vice President of Software Development and Co-Founder

The man behind the machine, Eric, is our very talented software developer and co-founder of INFOCU5. The creation and functioning of Resolution as well as many other areas of our site and our software are thanks to this beautiful and talented man. He is another California native growing up in Pasadena. Eric currently lives in Gainesville, Florida and loves to spend his time outdoors.

Bethany Kellett

Vice President of Customer Success

Bethany joined INFOCU5 in September 2018 as the leader of our Customer Success team. Her career in the call center industry and SaaS led her to team up with INFOCU5. She supports and facilitates customer acquisition and monetization efforts by focusing on the development, engagement, and oversight of the overall success of the Connect marketplace and the Customer Success department.


Len Metheny

Chief Operating Officer

Founder of ApplyYourself, an administrative software via a SaaS model that provided colleges with a streamlined way to run their admissions marketing and application process. ApplyYourself made the Deloitte National Fast 500 list, Metheny was named in CEO Magazine’s “Five on Fire,” and received the 2009 Visionary Award. Len has spent the last 10 years in Telluride serving as a startup consultant and mentor for Telluride Venture Accelerator. He joined our team in June 2020.

Adam Mobarak

VP of Connect HUB Partnerships

Adam has been in the call center space for nearly 20 years. His experience managing teams in the industry, in both the brick-and-mortar and virtual setting, made him a perfect fit for INFOCU5. He joined our team in August 2016. He oversees Connect by defining and implementing the strategy, structure, and processes of the day-to-day operations. He thrives in creating innovative ideas that keep our team ahead of the curve. 

David Klein

Director of Connect HUB Operations

David’s career spent years in the call center and client services industry equipped him for leading our Connect HUB Operations department where he ensures the preparation and engagement of our Connect marketplace agents, creates and implements our training curriculum. His time spent behind-the-scenes is used to maintain high levels of quality and customer service is provided for all of our clients’ customers. 

Marlee Secary

Director of Operations

Marlee joined INFOCU5 in 2016 and continues to be instrumental in identifying opportunities and ways to streamline processes for each department. Her extensive experience in both product development and human resources equips her to make solid and informed decisions that push our organization to give the most comprehensive service to all of our customers, while simultaneously creating a positive work environment for our organization. 

Ashley Nager

Director of Human Resources

Prior to joining INFOCU5, Ashley was the Director of HR at UP Global, parent company of Startup Weekend, Startup Week, Startup Digest and Startup Next. She then spent the following five years as the Program Director at the Telluride Venture Accelerator where she short programs for growing startup businesses. As part of our team, she works to create an environment in our organization where everyone strives for success, has fun, and feels supported in their professional goals. 

Hannah Cline

Customer Success Manager

Hannah started her career at INFOCU5 as a customer service agent in our Connect marketplace and has grown into her Customer Success Manager role with a stacked understanding of customer service and our software that makes her proficient at managing customer KPIs, driving customer satisfaction, and improving overall performance and success of our customers’ campaigns.

Trisha Phillips

Content Marketing Manager 

Trisha onboarded with us in September 2018 to lead the charge on content creation as it relates to our marketing, culture, engagement and onboarding efforts. Her background as a culture and financial writer for digital publications, alongside her marketing and copywriting experience puts her at the reins for all of our internal and external deliverable content. Also, she is a fantastic dancer.

Jason Donaldson

Digital Marketing Manager 

Jason joined our team in 2019 to lead the charge in all things digital marketing. The past 20 years of his career has been deeply rooted in the multimedia industry. Here at INFOCU5, Jason creates marketing strategies around our Zoom landing pages product, SEO, lead generation, and web design.

Rosie Stabile

Hiring Manager

Rosie joined our team in 2019 as our Connect Marketplace Hiring Manager. In this role, she is the first point of contact in our application and onboarding process, guiding each of our applicants towards successful training and hiring as a customer service or sales agent. Her approach is reminiscent of a concierge, answering inquiries, setting up training schedules and alleviating any unknowns that may arise during the onboarding process.

Michael Maguire

Executive Sales Manager

Michael has been with us since we started, leading our sales teams and department to drive our customer KPIs and sales initiatives. His focus is to train and guide our sales team on data-driven performance and skills to maintain INFOCU5-standard conversion rates while staying keen on quality assurance expectations.

Matthew Cherry

Connect HUB Senior Trainer

Matthew joined our team in February 2019 to lead our Denver-based Connect HUB training department. He is at the helm of our training operations and has the unique opportunity to interact daily and build strong relationships with newly onboarding marketplace agents. His work empowers our team to be the best at their jobs and maintain quality assurance standards that exceed our customer’s expectations.

Gary Federico

Connect HUB Trainer

Gary hopped on board with us to assist our Senior Trainer and HUB Operations team by leading our meet and greet orientations to educate applicants on what we do and how our marketplace works, teaches our training curriculum to new applicants and leads them to the finish line, empowered and equipped to be successful on our software platform.

Isaac Balloun

Software Developer

Isaac’s career in technology and programming began in his late teens and soon morphed into freelance developer. He applied his skills to assist nonprofit organizations with internal tech issues. As a full stack developer, he joined INFOCU5 in 2019 to develop new features for growing our Resolution and Zoom products.

Sonja Ames

Multimedia Marketing Manager

Sonja joined our team to manage our Enterprise customers’ campaigns to ensure high-performance and conversions. Her previous experience as a marketing manager mixed with her social media expertise lends a wide-scope to identify ways businesses can maximize their marketing efforts, streamline their operations and best utilize our software.

Nick Hazlewood

Connect Contractor Manager 

A recent graduate of Colorado Mesa with a Bachelor’s in BA and Management, Nick joined our team to establish, manage, and continually optimize the way our marketplace of contractors utilize our software. This is accomplished through training, performance objectives, and building strong relationships. 

Lars Anderson

Jr. Customer Success Manager 

With a background in finance and sales development for SaaS company, Greenhouse, Lars is a great addition to our Customer Success team. He is keen on empowering our customers to maximize our software utilization through calibrations, development of tutorials, along with tracking usage and identifying areas to improve campaigns. 

Lisa Washington

Jr. Customer Success Manager 

Lisa dabbled in marketing prior to working with businesses to increase sales by streamlining their practices. She joined our Customer Success team in July 2020 and assists our customers by always having a pulse on their customers’ buying habits, while simultaneously ensuring that our service agents are there to provide superior support. 


Our Locations

We currently have four training facilities located in Colorado. Denver, Grand Junction, Montrose as well as our headquarters in Telluride.

Denver, Colorado – Mile High

Located in the heart of the Mile High city, our Denver Connect HUB is conveniently positioned in Capitol Hill near the beautiful Cheesman Park. It’s proximity to Denver Botanical Gardens, tons of restaurants, cafes, breweries, and several of the city’s best theatres (Ogden, Fillmore) keeps us right in the middle of good food, good coffee and good happy hours.

Telluride, Colorado – Headquarters

Telluride may be the most breathtaking location for any headquarters ever. Born and raised in the mountain town, our CEO chose to headquarter our organization in the midst of the San Juan mountains in southwest Colorado. It’s the mecca for nearly all things outdoors, and our team here takes great pride in investing into the community. Come play outside with us!

Grand Junction, Colorado – High Desert

It’s not called Grand Junction for nothing. Our newest HUB, the High Desert Connect HUB is easily accessible from anywhere on the Western Slope and Front Range of Colorado and is the central meeting point for numerous Western Slope communities. It’s agricultural roots have made it the heartbeat of Colorado’s wine country, and the terrain makes for an endless supply of outdoor recreation.

Montrose, Colorado – Black Canyon

Considered the “base camp for year-round outdoor activities,” our Black Canyon HUB in Montrose is the access point for all things the Western Slope has to offer. The city’s economy is fed by the surrounding rural communities and tourists adventuring to Colorado gems like the Black Canyon National Park, Grand Mesa, and mountain towns like Crested Butte, Ouray, and Telluride.


Discover your audience, acquire more customers, and increase their lifetime values with INFOCU5. Our software application suite is your solution for scaling every facet of your marketing and customer support efforts.