Sales Manager

Our INFOCU5 HUB is hiring a Full-Time Sales Manager to train and grow our sales team. Candidates for this role will be expected to embrace the INFOCU5 company culture throughout the entire onboarding, training, and managerial process. 

The scope of the Sales Manager’s daily tasks vary. Training new agents on our Software as a Service platform, reviewing training calls to provide constructive feedback to trainees, and certifying new agents to work on the platform create the general framework of the role; however, boosting agent engagement, staying up-to-date on both old and new product campaigns and knowledge are instrumental for success. The Sales Manager will also be expected to track it’s team’s conversion rates and craft innovative ways to assist struggling agents to keep conversion rates high. 

Agents will need to be provided with the tools and resources needed to have a complete understanding of each campaign they service, allowing them to thrive and succeed in the INFOCU5 software platform. The Sales Manager will be expected to monitor the quality and performance of each Sales Agent. You will also tasked with keeping track and maintaining your team’s key performance indicators and metrics. 

Compensation and Benefits:

  • $15.00/hr + Bonus Plan
  • Eligible for medical insurance after 90 days
  • Up to two weeks of PTO

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Oversight of day-to-day training and performance for all agents in the INFOCU5 Connect Certification Course.
  • Assist in creating and supporting performance goals that are ambitious, achievable and tied to long-term results.
  • QA violations for each agent in the must be reviewed and discussed with the training agent within 24 business hours. 
  • Develop a keen understanding of all services and products as well as the platform onboarding/training program. 
  • Train new agents on the INFOCU5 software platform by following the training curriculum. 
  • Maintain an intimate understanding of Signal and constantly monitor the contact center agent environment.
  • Address issues with your team in real-time and create new coaching/training programs as necessary. 
  • Maintain and work with new agents and existing agents by managing their requests and presenting them with additional    assistance and opportunities.         


  • Experience with CRMs preferred
  • Must be a motivated self-starter and have the ability to motivate others
  • People-oriented and open to public speaking
  • Great communication and writing skills
  • Detail-oriented
  • Microsoft Office experience
  • Google Suite experience 
  • Team player and ability to work with multiple teams at one time

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