Authentically Engaging Agents in a Gig Economy

by | Nov 21, 2019 | The Gig Economy | 0 comments

Employee engagement is arguably one of the most important pieces to the success-of-a-business puzzle, but exactly how important it is can seem unclear. One could argue that if a business is able to provide the perks that keep employees motivated, engaged and dedicated to it, producing the end result of more financial stability and a better bottom line should follow. However, the other side of that argument could contend that engaged employees are merely part of the aftereffect of a business’ success. 

INFOCU5, a SaaS company providing on-demand customer service, sales, and marketing support for D2C businesses, has discovered that our success and the success of our clients is directly correlated with the authentic engagement of our call center agents. 

The big question is, how does a predominantly virtual company engage its employees? It begins from the very first interaction with an applicant. Simplifying the onboarding process is both important and great, yes. One of our solutions is our Hiring Concierge team. Upon receiving an online application, a dedicated concierge team member directly connects with each applicant via a personal phone call. The purpose of the call is to thank the applicant, then assure them that they will be guided through the hiring and onboarding process with care. 

Gig economy jobs present a host of learning opportunities when it comes to engaging employees — especially in the virtual realm. Once an agent has successfully on-boarded, our Engagement and Communication team takes the reigns to keep the momentum and engagement moving in the right direction. 

Here are four of our most successful tips for keeping a virtual team engaged: 


1. Public Recognition

Whether it’s a Slack Shoutout or a special blog write-up on an outstanding performer, we find that publically recognizing a star team member boosts morale across the board. 

2. Personal Recognition

Learning about what an agent enjoys doing outside of work and taking note of those hobbies and interests adds fuel to the igniting their fire. If they love coffee, you can gift a standout performer a gift card to their favorite coffee shop or retail store. 

3. Experiential Rewards

Gift cards are great, but experiences can be even better. We recently adopted the experiential reward program to gift agents with fun experiences like tickets for two to a movie or a sports event.

4. Valuing Career Mobility

For so many employees, advancing their careers is the most important reason to be excelling in their roles. Acknowledging and embracing the goals of our staff by creating a plan to achieve to grow their careers can be the most valuable form of appreciation and engagement. 

Having the engagement and buy-in of our virtual customer service and sales teams is one of the ways INFOCU5 maintains our quality assurance standards. We believe that when agents are true ambassadors and believers of the brand and culture, high-quality customer service follows suit.