5 Ways to Level Up Your Customer Service Game

by | Jun 10, 2020 | Improving Customer Service and Success

Customer service skills translate to life skills any and every day of the week. Being able to connect and communicate well with customers usually means you’re also pretty good with the real-life humans you interact within your everyday life. So, kudos to you for being approachable. It’s a good character trait to have. As a CX aficionado, it’s important, and I’d even go as far as to say it’s imperative, that you allow your winning personality to come through in the conversations and interactions you have with your customers. 

The thing about customer service today versus the past is that phone calls are no longer the only way we are connecting. Engagement now happens via live chat, SMS, emails, and social media. These new customer-facing platforms and channels continue to gain momentum, however, there is room for improvements in order for customers to find these new communication methods both practical and useful. 

This means honing in on the skill set you already have, and also being open to embracing some new tactics that actually could improve and amplify the way you interact with your customers. These 5 skills can be implemented into your daily workflow and are intended to transcend all of the customer-facing channels to help you level up your entire customer service game.

1. Hold space for your customer  

No matter the channel your customer is using to connect with you, pause to hold space and truly listen to what the person is communicating to you. The more you interact with customers, the easier it becomes to assume the path that their train of thought is going and interject a suggestion to remedy their issue. Instead, completely hear them out before offering up your game plan.

2. Give a synopsis of your game plan

Bring your customer along in your problem-solving process. Once you’ve fully listened to their situation and repeated it back to them, so they in fact know they have been heard, give a full synopsis of how you plan to make it right. Communicating your complete game plan builds a stronger relationship with your customer.

3. Imagine having a face-to-face conversation

This may require you to briefly close your eyes, but imagine that you’re having a real face-to-face conversation with your customer. This technique plays a big part in when you choose to smile when you choose to tilt your head inquisitively and feel empathetic towards the issue they are facing. Ultimately, it builds connections.  

4. Mind your tone

Phone conversations lend themselves to more obvious scenarios for checking your tone. Email and live chat is different. Imagine how quickly a text message between friends, family or partners can be misconstrued. The same rules apply in email and live chat conversations with your customers. Being intentional in your words and punctuation will help you mind your tone in these more difficult-to-read channels. 

5. Use your personality to enhance the script 

At INFOCU5, our scripts are the ultimate go-to source for solving customer problems in an efficient manner. Once you’re more comfortable with the scripts, it’s time to make them your own. It’s perfectly fine to use the script as your guide for following protocols, but remember that shining a bit of your own personality on it makes it more human